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Face Yoga: Face yoga is also effective in removing extra fat from the face along with wrinkles, include it in your routine

In Indian tradition, for centuries, sages and sages used to practice yoga to keep themselves fit, fit and healthy. However, today yoga has become famous again in the world amidst increasing health problems due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle. While yoga keeps the body healthy, face yoga is effective in enhancing the beauty of the face. Face yoga strengthens the muscles of the face as well as helps in removing extra fat.

Along with this, by practicing face yoga regularly, the skin tightens and the effect of aging is also less visible. It tightens the skin of the nose, cheeks and chin, as well as removes skin related problems such as wrinkles and dark circles. In such a situation, to make your face glowing, you can include face yoga in your routine.

Tongue Pose: This pose is effective in getting rid of the problem of wrinkles. For this, take out the tongue as much as possible. Stay in this position for about thirty seconds. This yoga is also effective in removing the problem of dark circles.

Lips Bridge: For this, take out the bottom lip as much as possible. This causes strain on the chin. This pose is effective in beautifying the cheekbones and jaw line. Also, this yoga also makes the face glowing.

Fish Pose: For this, while pulling your cheeks inward, take out the lips. Stay in this state for some time. While doing this pose, the face looks like a fish. Repeat this process about 3 times. This makes the face shape beautiful.

Mouthwash Technique: For this, in the same way as rinsing with water in the mouth, in the same way move the cheeks while inflating the mouth. Repeat this process three times as well. This will burn the extra fat present on the face. By doing this yoga practice, you can get glowing and glowing skin.

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