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Facebook spends more than $ 23 million to protect the person receiving salary … 1 USD

Sunday, April 11, 2021 12:00 PM (GMT + 7)

A new filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows that Facebook spent more than $ 23 million (about VND530 billion) last year protecting CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook’s annual reviews of company security identify specific threats to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. A Facebook representative said of Zuckerberg, “He is synonymous with Facebook, so anything negative about our company directly affects Mr. Zuckerberg.”

Mark Zuckerberg only received $ 1 salary during the year at Facebook.

The company’s annual review of its security programs shows that the costs of protecting Zuckerberg and his family have increased by 2020, mainly due to travel activities in the Covid-19 context as well as during the election season. The US 2020 and other periods have increased security risks, in addition to costs for security personnel.

The “all other compensation” section shows that Facebook has spent $ 23 million on personal security at Zuckerberg’s whereabouts and on his and family’s travel. CEO Zuckerberg also has an additional $ 10 million to spend on security staff and other security expenses. Base security costs amounted to $ 13.4 million last year, compared with $ 10.4 million the year before.

“The compensation, nomination & administration committee believes these expenses are appropriate and necessary in the context of threat and especially when Mr. Zuckerberg has asked to receive only $ 1 in annual salary, not to accept any wrongdoing. bonus payment period, stock award or other incentive compensation, ”the statement said.

Facebook spends more than $ 23 million to protect the payee ... $ 1 - 3

Mark Zuckerberg was spotted using Signal in a recent data leak?

Also in the report, Facebook said it would make a proposal at its May 26 shareholder meeting to occasionally provide personal security to non-employee directors, which they say is essential. because “our directors are facing constant scrutiny because they have to work on our board of directors”.

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