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Father Guillaume de Lisle appointed auxiliary bishop of Meaux

Fourteen years later, the diocese of Meaux again has an auxiliary bishop. Pope Francis named Father Guillaume Leschallier de Lisle on Friday October 15 – by his full name. The 49-year-old priest will thus assist Mgr Jean-Yves Nahmias, Bishop of Meaux since 2012, who had requested it.

Deep attachment to Seine-et-Marne

“The diocese is large, representing almost half of the island of France in surface area and has 1.4 million inhabitants: the load is heavy”, justifies Father Guillaume de Lisle, who was until now vicar general. The one who was ordained in 2000 has a deep attachment to Seine-et-Marne where he passed his baccalaureate and chose to become a priest.

“This diocese is both urban and rural and above all very lively since its population has more than doubled since the 1960s, explains this son of an engineer and a stay-at-home mom, who has four brothers. It is marked by large farms and, at the same time, by cities in full development, around Disneyland and the aeronautical center of Melun. “ Two places that Father Guillaume de Lisle knows well since he was notably a cooperating priest of the missionary pole of Marne-la-Vallée then, from 2014, pastor of the missionary pole of Melun.

The native of Pau who grew up in the Ardennes, Bordeaux and the Yvelines ensures that one of the main missions of the Church of Seine-et-Marne is thus to adapt to the growth of the population and therefore of the faithful. in some places. He also points out that two church building projects are underway.

Cultural diversity

This diocese, which he surveyed from north to south, also marks him by its cultural diversity. “The inhabitants come from everywhere, there is a great variety of origins and our communities are really mixed”, he remarks to be delighted. Responsible for vocations, Father de Lisle explains that “This diversity is found among our 15 seminarians who come mainly from the diocese and are in its image with young people of Asian, Portuguese or African origin”.

Appointed auxiliary bishop, ten days after the publication of the report of the Independent Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Church (Ciase), he obviously cannot ignore this terrible context. ” Hurt “, Father Guillaume de Lisle calls for a process of change responding to the “systemic” aspect of this child crime crisis. “The Church has not ceased to reform itself from its origins”, he insists, stressing the need for in-depth work.

In a lighter way, when his schedule allows him time, the new auxiliary bishop appreciates tasting the air of the sea or the mountain, to rest and relax, two elements that he finds with pleasure. by leaving his Seine-et-Marne for a while. For his balance, he finally underlines the importance of his family. I have a big family to which I am very attached, he confides. It’s a chance to be able to share and count on her.

Father Guillaume de Lisle will be ordained bishop on Sunday, November 28 at Saint-Etienne cathedral in Meaux. A place he knows perfectly well since he has been its rector since September 2020.


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