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Fatty liver problem can be reduced by yoga, know which postures will be helpful from Baba Ramdev

Fatty Liver Home Remedies: People can suffer from fatty liver due to wrong eating habits and unhealthy habits. In this disease, the size of the liver is affected, due to which the liver of the patients either swells or its size starts shrinking. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) occurs when the amount of fat in our liver exceeds 10 times. This disease acts as a silent killer as its symptoms do not appear immediately. According to health experts, this disease can be reduced through healthy lifestyle. In such a situation, doing yoga is very beneficial to stay healthy.

Dhanurasana: According to Baba Ramdev, doing Dhunarasana can prove to be very beneficial for fatty liver patients. It is very easy to do this asana. First of all lie down on your stomach. Now raise your legs and take your hands back. After that try to hold the foot with the hand. You can do this asana according to your ability. Repeat Dhanurasana at least 3 times.

Gomukh posture: It is said that by doing this asana, the toxins present in the liver come out, which reduces the risk of fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. To do Gomukh posture, first of all sit down with a cross. Now bend the left foot and place it on the right foot and take it behind the right hip of the left foot.

Now while inhaling, lift the right hand up and move the hand back towards the back while pulling the right shoulder up. Then hold the left hand near the stomach from behind the back to the paws of the right hand. Keep the neck and waist straight. After doing this process for a minute, do the same on the other side.

Doing these asanas will also benefit: According to Baba Ramdev, fatty liver patients should do Tadasana, Mandukasana, Yogamudrasana, Shashakasan and Kapal Bhati Pranayama. They keep the whole body healthy including the liver.

Make sure to consume these two things: According to Ramdev Baba, people who have weak liver should definitely include apple vinegar and buttermilk in their diet.

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