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Feed these things to increase the weight of a weak baby, will always be healthy

Some children are weak from birth, so parents adopt a variety of methods for their overall development and health. Because if the child is healthy, then the risk of getting dangerous disease in the future is very less. When the child is 6 months old, he is also required to feed with breastmilk. If even after this, the weight of the child is not increasing, then the baby should be given such food which is very high in iron and calcium.

The weight of a child of 8 to 12 months should be: It is very important for a young child to be healthy for his physical development. The weight of a child of 8 to 12 months should be around 8 to 10 kg. If your child is underweight, then you need to take special care of him. If you take care of the child’s consumption, then it will remain fit and healthy.

-banana: Banana contains many nutrients, it always keeps the baby’s stomach full. It contains a good amount of vitamin B6, calories and carbohydrates, which is very beneficial for the development of the baby. Banana not only enhances the child’s development, but it also helps in keeping them healthy.

-Grain Pudding: Other nutritional elements including calcium and protein are also found in Makhana. It is effective in increasing the weight of the child. To increase the test of the Makhana, you can make a kheer and feed it to the child.

-lentils: Lentils are very good for small children. The magnesium, protein, iron, calcium and fiber present in it helps in keeping the child healthy. You can give your baby lentil water or soup.

-Wash: Many types of nutrients are present in khichdi. It is very beneficial to feed khichdi to children. You can also add green vegetables to khichdi. Khichdi made from lentils and rice is also beneficial in correcting digestion.

-Egg: Feeding eggs to children can increase their weight. Because, it contains many types of vitamins and minerals. In this case, you can also feed the baby by boiling the egg or making its omelette. It accelerates the development of the baby.

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