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‘Female drivers should also test the pass’

For the first time driving a pass, you should use an automatic transmission vehicle to gain more experience and experience.

With the question “Should a new driver go to Tam Dao?” In my opinion it depends on the automatic transmission or the manual transmission. When driving a pass for the first time if you use an automatic transmission vehicle, just go. When driving, you should keep close to your own road, the curves are steep, so go slowly (the car may scream a little).

When going up a slope, you should change a small gear as soon as you see a slope. . In general, just drive each section, 7-8 km, you should rest about 10-15 minutes, because the new driver may use the brakes a bit.

In the return afternoon, pay attention to the semi-automatic transmission mode, set low gear on steep curves, always stick to your own road and go. With the number of floors, the downhill direction is simpler than the uphill direction (because the car cannot stall), just pay attention to lower gear and keep close to your own road.

Above is the description of how to go for a very weak driver, but a new driver but not too bad, just go slowly, stick to the road to rest assured to go out.

Have a safe and happy trip.

Readers Nguyen Ngoc Anh


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