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Ferrari recalls 10,000 supercars with brake fluid error

AmericaThe Italian supercar company recalled nearly 10,000 units in the production period from 2010-2019 for suspected brake fluid leaks.

Ferrari recalls a total of 9,985 units, including 458 Italia 2010-2015, 458 Speciale 2014-2015, 458 Speciale A 2015, 458 Spider 2012-2015, 488 GTB 2016-2019 and 488 Spider 2016-2019. The initial cause confirmed by the Italian supercar company is a brake fluid leak, leading to a low brake fluid warning or partial loss of brake force if not remedied. Currently, Ferrari does not have a repair plan.

Supercar 488 Spider of 2016 is in the recall in the US. Photo: Ferrari

A representative of the Italian supercar company said that Ferrari has not found the root of the brake fluid leak problem, as well as the exact number of affected cars. The company intends to issue a temporary notice to all 458 and 488 owners to warn and guide to pull to the curb as soon as the warning light appears on the dashboard. The owner then contacts Ferrari customer service for assistance.

According to Ferrari’s notice sent to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the problem is only with the brake assist cluster, but the Italian supercar company is not sure why the brake fluid is leaking. Therefore, the company announced to recall vehicles with brake fluid loss warning to find the cause.

After the 458 and 488 stopped production, the next Ferrari models did not use the brake boosters used for these two models, the company representative added.

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