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‘Few reasons why I haven’t bought the 2020 Camry’

Without wireless charging, low ground clearance and bulging rear seat floor are details that made me dissatisfied with the Camry.

I plan to change the Camry 2020 version 2.5 in September. Read the article “Camry after 10,000 km evaluation” the author helped me more understand the disadvantages and advantages of the car. But I’m still undecided as the 2020 Camry still lacks a few details I need.

Firstly, the Camry 2.5 does not have a wireless charger that does not connect the phone directly while in about a year or two the phone has 5G coverage very quickly. I often travel in the car during the day, I need that technology.

Second, this car line is only 140 mm low while the road and roadside in Vietnam are mostly high and rugged.

Third, for me a minus point that is also quite important is that the rear seat floor in the middle is very raised. If the rear seat floor is flat like the previous generation, then nothing is equal.

Currently coming to the end of the year, I wonder if waiting for the beginning of 2021 to release a new version of the Camry to see if there are any changes or upgrades. For the above reasons, I have yet to decide to buy this month or next December.

Readers Haivy Nguyen

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