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Finally, Netanyahu decides to take over

This is called “making yourself at home”. It is never easy to turn the page, to leave behind an office occupied for more than ten years. Even less a place where we have accumulated so many memories… So when Benjamin Netanyahu asked the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to kindly give him some time to leave Beit Aghion, the residence of the Prime Ministers of Israel , the latter accepted. Certainly, the one who is no more than the leader of the opposition could have made his cards between the announcement of a coalition agreement on June 2 and the vote of confidence of the deputies in the Knesset, the Parliament, on June 13. . But, no doubt he still believed in an ultimate miracle which would have enabled him to remain in his post. The vote was close, that’s for sure… For his part, it was impossible for Bennett to seem to throw out his predecessor, he who, already, by linking up with the parties of the center and of the left to constitute the new government. was accused of treason by the Israeli right. He had forgotten who he was dealing with: isn’t Benyamin Netanyahu the king of the “chutzpah”, this a

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