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First smartwatch to be charged with solar energy launched in India

Garmin Forerunner Smartwatch In India: The brand has launched the Forerunner 955 Solar, the world’s first dedicated GPS smartwatch with solar charging support in India. Apart from Forerunner 955 Solar, the company has also launched the Forerunner 255 Series in India. Garmin Company is claiming that the Forerunner 955 Solar is the first dedicated GPS running smartwatch with solar charging. Power glass solar charging lens has been given in this watch. It has been claimed by the company that the Forerunner 955 Solar is capable of giving 20 days of battery backup. On the other hand, Forerunner 255S Basic, Forerunner 255 Music version has been launched under Forerunner 255 Series. Regarding both these smartwatches, the company has claimed that both the smartwatches give up to 14 days of battery backup on a single charge.

Features of Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar

The Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar is being made available with solar charging technology. Power Glass solar charging lenses have been given in this, which will give battery backup up to 49 hours in GPS mode and 20 days in smartwatch mode. Apart from this, the watch has a full touchscreen display. You can also set the display to always-on. Features like multi-band GPS, and HRV status have also been provided in the watch. Forerunner 955 Solar also shows users essential information like weather. The Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar Watch also comes with health tracking features like body battery, pulse oximeter, menstrual cycle, pregnancy tracking, notifications etc.

Features of Forerunner 255 Series

Garmin has also updated the Forerunner 255 series. Two new models have been introduced in the Forerunner 255 Series, whose sizes are 41mm and 46mm. Garmin has claimed that the watches will deliver 14 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and 30 hours in GPS mode. The Forerunner 255 gets multi-band GPS support and HDV tracking features including real-time stamina, running power metrics and Garmin Pay.

Forerunner 955 Solar and Forerunner 255 Series Smartwatches Price

Let us know the availability before giving the price. Garmin Forerunner smartwatches can be bought online and offline at leading stores. If we talk about their prices, then Forerunner 955 Solar Smartwatch is available for Rs 63,490 and Forerunner 955 Smartwatch is available for Rs 53,490. Apart from this, if we talk about Forerunner 255 Series, then Forerunner 255S Music smartwatch costs Rs 42,990, Forerunner 255 Music costs Rs 42,990, Forerunner 255S Basic costs Rs 37,490 and Forerunner 255 Basic costs Rs 37,490.

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