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Follow this Skin Care Routine in the morning, you can get soft and glowing skin in winter

Skin Care: Using a dry brush will remove dead skin cells from the skin. Using brushing exfoliates the skin well.

Winter Skin Care Tips: The cold weather has knocked. The dry environment and cold air have the biggest effect on the skin during winter. During winter, due to less moisture in the skin, it becomes dry, as well as in some people the complexion also starts turning black. In the winter season, not only the skin of the face but also the hands and feet become dry and cracked. In such a situation, more care of the skin is required during the winter.

To maintain beauty in the winter season, the skin needs regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing. In winters, you can follow these skin care routines in the morning, which will keep your skin moisturized and will not affect your beauty even in winter.

Dry Brush: First thing in the morning, use a dry brush on the skin. This will remove the dead skin cells from the skin. Using brushing exfoliates the skin well. This dry brush can be used twice a week. This makes the skin soft and beautiful.

Cleanse the skin: Do not forget to clean the skin after using the dry brush. This removes the dust and soil present on the skin. You can use a creamy shower gel to remove dirt from the skin.

Scrub: The use of scrubbing also brings life to the dull skin. You can also use homemade scrubs to get beautiful and soft skin. This removes dead skin cells from the body and makes the skin soft.

Use body lotion afterwards: After cleansing the skin thoroughly, use body lotion on it. Body lotion helps in keeping the skin hydrated. You can use almond or coconut oil for this.

Finally use hand cream: Finally, use hand cream on the hands to make the skin of the hands extra nourished. You can also use Vaseline if you want.


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