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Food banks call for donation after receiving less food

Food banks received less food than expected during their national collection at the end of November and are calling on Tuesday, December 7, for more generosity to reach the 3 million additional meals needed according to them to meet the increase in the number of applicants.

On the three days of collection organized from November 26 to 28 at the exit of the supermarkets, 10,000 tons of food products were received, or the equivalent of 20 million meals, indicate the food banks in a press release.

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“However, our objective was 23 million meals to meet the increase in the number of people who need help: 6% for a full year in 2020 and even an increase of nearly 12% over the third quarter of 2021 compared to Last year “, explains to AFP Claude Baland, president of the Food Banks network.

“We must realize the challenge that food insecurity represents today. The budget becomes a real adjustment variable ”, he adds.

5 times less donations

Food donations collected during this campaign represent around 11% of the total food collected over the year. Most of it comes mainly from supermarkets, wholesalers, agricultural producers and the agrifood industry.

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“Last year, there was a surge of solidarity even though we feared an explosion in unemployment. This year, we have the impression of a drop in footfall in stores ”, while France is experiencing a fifth wave of Covid-19, according to Claude Baland.

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In addition, five times fewer donations have so far been recorded on the platform open since November 15. It allows you to buy “Virtual baskets” and had collected last year 1 million euros in donations.

Food banks are calling for donations on this platform, which is still open until December 15. The sums or food collected will be distributed in particular in Guadeloupe or Martinique where the collection could not be held this year due to demonstrations. The Food Bank network in France supports more than 6,000 associations and has nearly 7,000 permanent volunteers.

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