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Manas Manohar

green pita lentils
People mostly use chana or tur ie tur dal in the pitha, but we will use whole moong or peeled moong dal in it. Moong dal is the most digestible. You can also take unpeeled lentils or moth instead.

These pulses are also very digestible. If taking pulses whole, then wash and soak them for four to five hours. If you are taking without the peel, then soaking for one to one and a half hours will be enough.

Apart from this, take equal quantity of spinach leaves in a handful or two bowls on a bite. Whenever you use spinach, be sure to blanch it, it maintains its greenness, otherwise its color turns dark when cooked directly.

We have talked about blanching many times, but then tell that boil water mixed with salt in a pan, put spinach leaves in it and leave it for five minutes. Then drain the water and immediately put the spinach leaves in the water mixed with cold ice cubes.

Leave like this for five to seven minutes. Then wash it with cold water two or three times. In this way the greenery of spinach remains intact. Then grind these leaves in a mixer and keep them aside.

Now knead two bowls of dough, like we knead for roti. Keep it covered. Till then prepare the dal. Put the soaked moong dal along with water in a cooker, add required salt, quarter teaspoon turmeric, a pinch of asafoetida and quarter teaspoon vegetable masala and boil it till two whistles come. Switch off the flame and open the lid after the steam cools down.

Now take small pieces from the kneaded dough, spread them with fingers or roll them with a rolling pin and make small rounds and fold them from four places to make them like chakri flowers and press them. If you do not want to do this, then cut the rolled roti into square big pieces.

Add these pieces to the boiled lentils and close the lid and cook till one whistle comes. Then take it off the flame and take out the dough from the lentils in a separate vessel. Put the dal in a mixer and grind it.

Now heat two tablespoons of desi ghee in a pan. Add cumin and carom seeds to it and then add ground lentils and ground spinach along with it. If the water seems less, then you can add a little water. Keep the flame medium. Let the dal and spinach come to a boil while stirring. Add boiled pitas in this and let it cook for five to seven minutes.

Now Hariyala Dal Pitha is ready. Remove it in a serving dish. Heat two-three spoons of butter in a tadka pan, prepare a tempering with a pinch of asafoetida and quarter teaspoon crushed red chilies or two whole red chilies and put it on the lentil pita. Serve hot.

gourd pudding
People who have digestive problems in general and especially during this season, should avoid sweets containing dairy products. In this case, sweets made from fruits and vegetables are better. Lauki pudding or barfi is very easy to make. You can make it at home whenever you want. Neither much material nor much skill is needed to make it.

Many people use khoya or milk in it. Some people also use milk powder or milkmaid in it. But it is better if you do not use any kind of milk product. Yes, you can add some dry fruits to it. You can also add coconut powder to make it soft. If you want, you can use raw coconut kernels by grinding them.

Wash the bottle gourd, remove its skin and grate it on a coarse grater. For this, take only raw gourd without seeds. Then heat two spoons of desi ghee in a pan and put grated gourd in it. Cook it on medium heat, stirring, till its water dries up. Then add coconut powder or grated coconut to it.

Add crushed dry fruits and cook while stirring for a while. Then the quantity of bottle gourd is taken, that is, if you have taken four bowls of gourd, then take a bowl of sugar and put it in it. Cook for a while while stirring. Now again add 2-3 spoons of desi ghee and cook till it becomes thick.

Lauki halwa is ready. If you want to make this in the form of barfi, then add two-three spoons more ghee and cook for a while so that the whole mixture becomes hard. Then spread it in a thick layer in a tray or layer. After cooling, cut into burfi shapes. It doesn’t get worse for several days.

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