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For fear of being imprisoned for a falsified health pass, a German kills his family before committing suicide

A father killed his wife and three children before committing suicide because he feared he would be imprisoned after forging an anti-Covid health pass, according to the content of a farewell letter revealed on Tuesday, December 7 by German justice.

The Cottbus public prosecutor’s office, in charge of this case, could not however explain at this stage why the man had arrived at such a gesture for a similar reason, nor specified if he was known or not to have suffered from psychological problems.

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Health pass: little tricks and big scams

In his farewell letter, the 40-year-old father says he had a fake vaccination certificate made for his wife. But the woman’s employer “Noticed it and wanted to investigate”A spokesperson for the Cottbus prosecutor’s office, Gernot Bantleon, told AFP. “The father expected him and his wife to be taken into custody and the children to be taken from them”, he added.

Gunshot wounds

The five lifeless bodies had been found last Saturday in a locality in the south of Berlin, Königs Wusterhausen, and the mystery hovered since on the origin of the tragedy.

Investigators assume that the 40-year-old father killed his three children, aged four, eight and ten, and his wife, 40, before committing suicide. It was neighbors who alerted the emergency services after seeing lifeless bodies in the house.

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The autopsy of the bodies continues but investigators have so far only discovered fatal gunshot wounds, said the prosecution.

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German authorities have repeatedly expressed concern about the proliferation and trafficking around fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates in the country, particularly affected by the new wave of the pandemic.

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