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For his wishes, Emmanuel Macron wishes a “useful” year and sets course for 2030

For his fourth wishes as President of the Republic, Thursday, December 31, Emmanuel Macron appeared seated by the fire. A tribute to his predecessor Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, who died last December 2, who presented his New Year’s greetings to the French in such a setting on December 31, 1974. If we wanted to extend the parallel, we would notice that in this At the time of the end of the glorious Thirty Years, 1974 was marked by recession, and 1975 was to see for the first time the number of unemployed pass the million mark …

Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, did not take up the astonishing formula of his predecessor, who had launched at the time “Goodbye 1974, and hello to you, 1975!” “nor his wish for the new year to be “Welcoming to the French”. It was not really the atmosphere, on this New Year’s Eve under curfew and without festivities. “The year 2020 is ending as it unfolded, with efforts and restrictions”, he also introduced, looking serious.

“This year 2020 has been difficult”, summed up the president. Before warning a few minutes later, that the first months of 2021 would also be, under the constraint of an epidemic that will weigh “At least until spring”.

Message of hope and promise of support to students

Yet Emmanuel Macron strove to carry a message of hope for the future. He thanked the French for their efforts. Welcoming that France holds “Better than many in the face of the epidemic”, he said to himself “Convinced that we made the right choices at the right times”, and reiterated his doctrine of “Whatever the cost”.

To pay tribute to the French, the Head of State has drawn up a gallery of portraits of anonymous: a nurse, a garbage collector, a bookseller, a teacher … but also the footballer Wendy Renard, as well as Mauricette, the first French woman vaccinated against Covid-19. He also had particular words for professionals in culture, sport, catering, hotels, tourism and events, sectors particularly affected.

But it is to the attention of young people and students that he has insisted the most, while concern has grown for several days about the risk of depression and dropping out due to the closure of universities, isolation. and the precariousness of many students. Emmanuel Macron wanted “Tell them again that we will be there, to allow them to hold out in this period so hard and unfair for them”.

Vaccine: “no unjustified slowness” will be accepted

On the subject of the epidemic, finally, the president reiterated “Hope” that he placed in the vaccine. While the controversy has swelled in recent days about the delay taken by France in the vaccination campaign, he has promised not to tolerate “No unjustified slowness”.

Far from predicting a happy and prosperous year, the message of hope that the president wanted to give focused on the contrary on France’s capacity to overcome crises. “With such unity, such resilience, nothing can resist it”, and after showing “So much innovation, inventiveness, generosity, everything is possible”, he assured. “In 2021, whatever happens, we will be able to cope with the health, economic, social, terrorist and climate crises, which will not stop on January 1”, promised the president despite. The most optimistic will retain the “face”, the others, the length of this list …

Despite Brexit, the UK “remains our friend”

Apart from the epidemic, the head of state also spoke of Brexit, which takes effect on January 1. “This Brexit was the child of the European malaise, and of many lies and false promises”, he lamented, while assuring that “The United Kingdom remains our neighbor, but also our friend and our ally”. He did not miss the opportunity to assert that unlike the British, “Our destiny is first in Europe”.

Finally, the president also wished to show his determination to pursue projects other than the health crisis and recovery, such as ecological transition, “Fight for the Republic and its values”, but also “Merit, work, equal opportunities, and the fight against all inequalities”. “We will not add to the cost of the crisis that of inaction”, he said.

Focus on 2030

A year ago, for his 2020 wishes, Emmanuel Macron spoke with optimism of the decade that was opening. If this might seem ridiculous today, he persisted on the contrary: “It is the France of 2030 that we will build, such is our course”, he said, sure that “Spring 2021 will be the start of a new French morning, of a European renaissance”.

“Let us be proud to be us, the French, France”, he urged in conclusion, occupying as he did in his last speeches the theme of identity. “May 2021 be a happy year for everyone, and a useful year for our country”, he concluded. ” Useful “, a way to present oneself fully at work, and to stand out from one’s opponents, some of whom, from their own wishes, have made 2021 the year of preparation for the presidential election.


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