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‘Forbidden to park in front of the door – ugly Vietnamese people’

HanoiThe parking ban signs written in ballpoint pen, printed on A4 paper stuck on the wall, the tree trunk in front of the house is ugly, and illegal.

Around an old residential area near my house, there have been two new apartments for about a year. These two apartments are perpendicular, so the alley in front of the house will now have more users. The alley is not forbidden to park because it is quite wide. Previously, each house parked a car in front of the door, and by default, that part of the roadway was “owned”. They kept doing this for years, and forgot that it was still a public road.

The alley with the white wall to the left of an apartment building, to the right is a house.

When people move to the apartment complex, the demand for parking is also more, and it’s usually only during the day because they keep it in the basement at night. During the day, people may park for a while, friends may come to visit, or whatever, I don’t care because it’s their own business. But one day, people from houses and houses were about to park their cars in front of their houses, when they saw that someone had already parked, and many people were mad.

There are houses with paint cans, motorbikes, and bicycles in place. There are even worse houses that lock the wheels, even though the driver has to find the locksmith himself. At most, the “No Parking” signs are written in paper like the one below. They forbid parking to requisition places like this to park overnight for free.

Prohibit parking in front of the door - bad character of Vietnamese people - 1

The printed paper was smeared with the words pasted on the tree trunk.

Prohibit parking in front of the door - the bad character of Vietnamese people - 2

Or another tiny A4 sheet stuck on the wall.

Prohibit parking in front of the door - bad character of Vietnamese people - 3

Even made a big board to build a tree stump for sure.

These seas, of course, have no legal value. Someone told me that, because their house has a car to go in and out, if another car is parked, their car can’t move forward / backward to enter the house, so they should make a sign prohibiting parking or setting up motorbikes to occupy space. Even so, it should be words of trust, not orders. It could be “the house has a car in and out, please don’t park”, or “please leave your phone number, the house has a car in and out”.

I believe that with such a gentle approach, it is not wrong in the law, and is easily accepted by others without causing discomfort. As for the thought that I stay here for a long time, in front of my house is my parking space, this roadway is my home, it needs to be removed immediately, otherwise one day there may be a dispute, even a fight. worth having.

As for car users, let’s try to find places with regular parking, or in a wide roadway (where parking is allowed). Otherwise, always leave your phone number on the windshield, with the words “sorry if parking disturbed, please call…”.

If we obey the law in a human way, I believe everything will become a lot easier.

And you, do you agree with the way these landlords do?

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