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Ford EcoSport 2020 price from 603 million – hoping to regain market share

Removing spare tire, cutting the sunroof, adding automatic throttle, class pressure warning, HID lights are changes on the new EcoSport.

On October 9, Ford Vietnam introduced a new version of the B-sized crossover model. With the removal of the controversial spare tire, the car’s size was changed with the length, width and height of 4,096 x 1,765 respectively. x 1,665 (mm) with approximately 230 mm shorter length than the old version, but 10 mm larger in width. The company also talked about improving the ground clearance instead of 175 mm as the old version, but has not given specific numbers. Because the spare tire is removed, the car is equipped with a tire pump set and self-patching fluid.

New EcoSport. Image: FVN

Sunroof, equipment “is redundant, if not missing” is also omitted. This feature is rarely used, not too practical with the size B car. Some other notable upgrades are the xenon headlights (HID) instead of the previous generation of halogen.

With a small car, space is also a concern for customers, Ford added a total of nearly 20 storage compartments to the EcoSport and when folding the second row of seats, the car creates 1,414.5 liters of storage space.

Driving assistance technology with cruise control, tire pressure sensor. These are all things that previous users liked to add.

In terms of safety technology, the top version has 7 airbags (one more than before), including 2 front pockets, 2 side airbags, 2 curtain airbags, and a driver knee airbag. At the same time, the tire set has been improved with a new type that, according to Bridgestone, is thicker and more durable. The old tire set is also judged by many owners to be soft, easy to tear when going long and bad.

The features on the versions also do not have specific parameters, but it is expected that the equipment on the two Titanium versions will be the same and the Trend will be cut off the screen, airbags and some comfort-related features.

In the new life, the car has only three versions: 1.5 Trend, 1.5 Titanium and 1.0 Titanium. Thus, the two low-cost versions, the Ambient, with the manual number and automatic are omitted. All three new cars are fitted with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Machine 1.5 for a capacity of 120 horsepower, maximum torque 151 Nm. Machine 1.0 turbo EcoBoost 125 hp and 175 Nm.

The new EcoSport prices are as follows:

Version New price Old price Change
1.5 Trend 603 593 ten
1.5 Titanium 646 648 -2
1.0 Titanium turbo 686 689 -3

Unit: million dong

This price is relatively cheaper compared to Hyundai Kona (636-699-759 million), Kia Seltos (589-649-719 million). With the new pricing and retrofits, the American automaker hopes to pull back on sales that have been captured by rivals in the past two years.

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