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Ford Everest continues to reduce the price by nearly 100 million

The highest reduction for the two-bridge Titanium version is 95 million VND and the remaining two versions are 45-65 million VND.

Specifically, the reduction of versions being applied in June at the dealer is as follows, depending on the dealer, it may fluctuate:

Version Listed price Reduced rate Negotiable price
Titanium 4×4 AT 1.399 95 1.304
Titanium 4×2 AT 1.181 65 1.116
Sport 1.112 45-55 1.057-1.067

Unit: million dong

In addition to the cash discount, customers who buy the Titanium 4×4 AT version also receive a promotion of 10 million accessories, the remaining two versions come with a year’s body insurance.

The dealer said that reducing prices is a move to stimulate sales, although Everest compares the correlation in the segment that is selling well. Excluding Santa Fe and Sorento (crossover-style seamless chassis), in the D-size SUV segment, Everest is selling better than both Fortuner and Pajero Sport. Specifically, in the first 4 months of the year, there were 2,276 Everest vehicles to customers, while Fortuner was 2,036 and Pajero Sport was 329 vehicles because there was no stock.

Model Everest Sport at the dealer. Image: Ngoc Bac

Although selling well in the segment, overall, Ford Vietnam is not doing well. Ranger is about to sell the assembled version, clean up the imported version, so sales do not break out, EcoSport is clearly regressing, while Transit is insignificant. With this fact, reducing prices to push Everest as much as possible is a way for the American car company to “save” sales of the entire product range.

In the same segment, Everest has the deepest reduction, while Fortuner has a reduction of 15-25 million VND and Pajero Sport about 40-60 million VND depending on the version.

In early 2021, Ford introduced a new version of Everest, omitting some features, slightly tweaking the grille. Since then, the company has reduced the price of the D-size SUV and maintained it to this day. By March, the company released a Sport version to replace the previous Trend version, so the car only had 3 versions. The Sport version also costs an increase of 20 million VND compared to the old Trend version and the white exterior is increased by 8 million VND.

In addition to Everest, the discontinued Tourneo model is also being reduced by 100 million for both versions to clear the inventory.

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