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Ford Explorer channel costs more than 200 million

Dealers are now offering customers an extra 200-300 million dong in cash excluding accessories if they want to receive the car early.

The new Ford Explorer was launched on January 11, and dealers immediately took advantage of the interest of customers to set prices. Because the supply of imported cars in the US is not available, customers who want to receive their cars soon have to pay more, usually more than 200 million, in some places nearly 300 million.

After channeling the price, dealers are offering Explorer at about 2.5 to 2.6 billion dong including the difference. Some dealers give customers some small accessories such as floor lining, steering wheel cover, perfume or trunk lining… Currently, there is no Explorer on display at the dealership.

Ford Explorer. Photo: FVL

Dealers say they do not “force” customers, but the psychology of many customers who want to have a car before the Lunar New Year causes the price to be channeled. Dealers also said that there are currently no cars for immediate delivery but have to wait until February, so most customers who order cars that accept channel levels do not have cars earlier. The agent said that currently, the order is to be paid until June.

However, according to many longtime Ford salespeople, this channel level can be virtual in the short term. The reason is that the number of visitors interested in the new generation Explorer is much less than when the car was first launched in Vietnam in 2016. At that time, the SUV model sometimes reached 300 million and lasted for many months.

The new generation Ford Explorer has many highlights in technology and design. In which, the most noticeable change from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, the wheelbase is nearly 16 cm longer and 90 kg lighter than the old version, thanks to the horizontal engine switching to vertical placement.

Safety technology on Explorer is also upgraded, the most modern in the segment. Vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane keeping assist, automatic high beams, blind spot warning, cross-traffic alert, collision warning and automatic brake assist urgent.

In Vietnam, Explorer competes directly with Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and the new name from Germany is Volkswagen Teramont. The Explorer’s price point falls between these two models. The highest in the segment is the Land Cruiser Prado with the price of 2,559 billion VND.

In 2016, when the Explorer was first launched, it also put a lot of pressure on Prado, the dominant model in the segment. However, by 2018-2019, Explorer gradually lost its position and had to reduce the price by nearly 200 million to push the inventory.

In 2021, the car will not be sold in Vietnam. Currently, with a channel price of VND 200-300 million, Explorer still has a price advantage compared to Prado. The Toyota model is also being added 150-200 million for accessories.



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