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Ford produces more electric Mustangs than petrol and diesel versions

Ford hit a milestone in electrification, with more production of the Mustang Mach-E than the internal combustion engine Mustang.

The American automaker produced 27,816 Mustang Mach-Es at a plant in Mexico in the first months of 2021, compared with 26,089 internal-combustion-powered Mustangs shipped at the plant in Michigan, USA.

Jim Farley, Ford chief executive officer, said last week that he expected out of 10 Ford vehicles sold by the end of 2030, there would be four electric vehicles. The CEO also revealed plans to increase spending on battery-powered vehicles, with 36% or about $30 billion.

Mustang Mach-E – Ford’s first electric crossover. Image: Ford

The Mustang Mach-E has been on sale since late 2020 and was the best-selling car in Norway in May. In the US, where customers’ adoption of electric vehicles has been slow, and the gasoline-powered Mustang still sells for nearly three times as much as the dynamic version. electromechanical.

In fact, the global chip shortage that affects the auto industry greatly also plays a role in the Mustang Mach-E surpassing the traditional Mustang.

Mustang Mach-E is Ford’s first electric crossover, inspired by the iconic sports car line, competing with the Tesla Model Y. The car is available in 5 variants with the lowest price Select priced at $43,900, equipped with rear- or rear-wheel drive. 2 bridge option, both using 75.7 kWh battery pack producing 255 horsepower. Maximum torque on the rear-wheel drive version is 414 nm, moving 370 km after each full charge. While the two-wheeler version is 565 Nm and can travel 338 km.

The higher version is called Premium priced at $ 50,600, in addition to equipment like the Select version, the car uses a 98.8 kWh battery pack, a capacity of 282 hp, 414 Nm of torque, rear-wheel drive and can move 483 km after each charge. The 2-wheel drive version has a capacity of 333 horsepower, 565 Nm of torque and can travel 435 km.

A rear-wheel drive version of the Mach-E California Route 1 costs $52,400, with a capacity of 282 hp, 414 Nm of torque, a range of 483 km per charge.

In addition, customers in the US can order the First Edition for $ 59,900 with all-wheel drive, 333 horsepower capacity, 565 Nm torque, 435 km range.

Finally, there is the GT high-performance version with a capacity of 459 hp, 830 Nm of torque, 4-wheel drive, using a 98.8 kWh battery pack, a range of only 378 km.

America – England (according to the Bloomberg)


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