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Ford Ranger – the “king” of pickup trucks in Vietnam

Ranger balances well the elements of appearance, equipment, price and is typical for the statement: the best-selling car is the car that is most suitable for the majority.

In October 2018 at the Vietnam Motor Show (VIMS), Ford surprised many people when it first introduced the Ranger Raptor to the domestic market. A pickup truck, but not exactly meant for cargo, appeared, equipped with adaptive suspension, multi-terrain tires and a range of electronic assistance features.

Ford entered the pickup segment later than many Japanese competitors but knows how to create trends. Ranger Raptor is not only a gem attached to the crown of the pickup truck segment for many years, but also shows the very unique things of the American car company that no competitor can do. The most successful and foundational part is still the popular Ford Ranger pickup.

Where does success come from?

Ranger first appeared in Vietnam in 2001 in a locally assembled form when the pickup truck market was still in its infancy with a few Japanese names. The American model did not take long to create a foothold, sales grew continuously. In 2009, Ford Ranger switched to importing from Thailand and began to reshape the pickup truck game. Over the past 10 years, Ranger has always topped the sales charts and created a big gap with the rest.

Ford Ranger, the best-selling pickup in the segment.

With a masculine American design, the Ranger itself has made a difference from many Japanese rivals who are inclined to create a strong Asian style. Ranger’s masculinity creates an almost perfect espresso for Vietnamese customers. Pickup needs to be strong, Ranger does well in terms of looks, that’s the first step to success.

When the demand for sedans in particular and low-rise cars in general began to decline, Ford focused on investing in SUVs and pickups, the business segment that is its strength. The American joint venture aims to create a diverse range of products from low to high to reach as many groups of customers.

Ranger is currently the pickup truck with the most versions in Vietnam: 5 versions, including XL, XLS (AT, MT), LTD, Wildtrak, not to mention the most advanced version of Ranger Raptor. Ranger’s price of 616-925 million dong is enough to fight with all competitors on the market, because cheap is also the cheapest and the most expensive is also the most expensive.

Ranger’s strength, in addition to the design and price range suitable for many objects, is also in the content of accompanying technology and engine power. All versions sold in Vietnam of Ford Ranger are equipped with diesel engines to optimize fuel costs. On the Wildtrak version fitted with a 2.0 twin turbocharged engine, the capacity reached 213 horsepower, the strongest in the segment.

For customers with more limited financial resources, Ford offers low-end versions such as XL, XLS equipped with 2.2-liter engine, capacity of 160 horsepower. Particularly, the XLS version is Ranger’s main line because it is suitable for most customers who prioritize cost savings and serve business needs, transporting goods between provinces and cities not too far apart.

Ranger perfectly balances many elements and sums it up on a pickup truck.

Ranger perfectly balances many elements and sums it up on a pickup truck.

Thanks to a great advantage in market share, Ford reinvested in the main pickup model, which accounted for more than 60% of the market share in the segment. Ranger is popular because it has a sales strategy that is suitable for the masses with a reasonable price on each version. To retain customers, Ford took steps to lead the market, forcing many competitors to follow suit.

Ford Ranger is the first model in the segment equipped with a 10-speed transmission, providing a more exciting driving experience and more fuel economy. But the “consumerization” of the pickup line has been done by Ford before. The American automaker put equipment such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, parallel parking support …, on the pickup. These are features that seem to be only available on cars and are concepts that have never appeared on pickup trucks in Vietnam. Ford Ranger is the first name to own and make it a “specialty” to reach customers.

By perfectly balancing the elements: design, equipment, engine and price, Ford Ranger has come a long way in Vietnam for 20 years from the status of a rookie to the king of segment sales. In 2020, Ranger sold 113,291 vehicles, a figure that accounts for more than 60% of the market share in the segment and is even larger than the 4 following rival models combined, according to VAMA.

Go back to assembling and build the throne

On July 15, Ford people in Hai Duong celebrated a special milestone, 20 years of the Ranger pickup model appearing in Vietnam and more than 100,000 vehicles sold. This sales is a record of the Vietnamese pickup truck market. Records are meant to be broken and Ford wants to aim for more impressive numbers. But the goal is just something that is highlighted without concrete steps.

The batch of Ford Ranger was shipped at its factory in Hai Duong on July 15.

The batch of Ford Ranger was shipped at its factory in Hai Duong on July 15.

The celebration that day was also the day Ford Vietnam officially shipped the first batch of Ranger assembled at the factory in Hai Duong, starting from July 2021. Ranger did not go too far and now returns with the ambition to firmly build the throne thanks to the advantage of domestic assembly, more stable and available supply.

A representative of the US joint venture said that Ranger assembly was the result of completing the first phase of the company’s project to expand its production and assembly plant worth 2,000 billion VND in Hai Duong. Forklift capacity from 14,000 vehicles to 40,000 vehicles/year. All components assembled for Ford Ranger are imported and apply global standards of Ford Motor Corporation.

Mr. Pham Van Dung, General Director of Ford Vietnam at the event of 20 years of Ranger presence in Vietnam.

Mr. Pham Van Dung, General Director of Ford Vietnam at the event of 20 years of Ranger presence in Vietnam.

The Ranger “made in Vietnam” is a guarantee for the company’s investment commitments for the domestic market. “The investment to expand and upgrade the Ford Hai Duong plant is part of Ford’s sustainable development plan in the Vietnamese market, affirming our long-term commitment to strengthening the potential of the entire industry. domestic cars”, said Mr. Pham Van Dung, General Director of Ford Vietnam.

Inside the Ford Ranger assembly plant, welding, painting, and assembly workshops apply closed automation processes, meeting Ford Motor’s strict standards. Particularly for the quality inspection area, the company has just equipped with a steering control system using the most modern 3D simulation technology from Germany. The dynamic steering system, which automatically balances the vehicle with high reliability, ensures the optimum quality of each vehicle when it leaves the factory.

Automated robots in a Ford Ranger assembly segment at the Ford factory in Hai Duong.

Automated robots in a Ford Ranger assembly segment at the Ford factory in Hai Duong.

Bringing Ranger to domestic assembly is Ford’s premeditated plan. After completing all the preparations on the assembly line, training personnel and importing components, Ranger will reach Vietnamese consumers with a stable supply and a more optimal price. This is nothing more than strengthening the Ford Ranger and firmly establishing the throne for the best-selling pickup model in the market in the coming years.

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