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Formula 1 launches a range of fragrances dedicated to “highlights” at a great price

The American promoter of Formula 1 continues to diversify the discipline by tackling perfumery.

One year after embalming the happy few of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the occasion of the launch of an ultra-limited and ultra-high-end collection of perfumes (100 bottles at 10,000 dollars each), Formula 1 is flooding the mainstream cosmetics market with the launch this fall of F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection. A range of five scents meant to recall five highlights of a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Five flavors for five moments of the race

Wood essences (elemi and akigalawood) mixed with lemon and pink pepper with metallic touches of Precious Mettle recall the tension of the starting grid and pay tribute to the courage of the drivers. A mix of burnt rubber and salted asphalt with notes of pink pepper, tangerine, patchouli and leather composes Turn 1, the first corner. Amber, caramelized dark woods, cinnamon, tonka bean and bergamot make up the scent of the overflow ofOvertake 320. Neeeum White, daring cocktail of spices (black pepper, juniper), refers to the home stretch before the finish. Finally, the smell of triumph is captured in Carbon reign and its aromas of champagne, amber and woody (touches of timut pepper, violet, lemon, geranium).

225 euros per bottle

On sale on a specially dedicated site (, these five fragrances are offered in a metallic exoskeleton imagined by the British designer Ross Lovegrove, who once plancha on the shapes of the Sony walkman and the Apple iMac. For his creation, the artist used a 3D printer, similar to those used by the teams to create the Formula 1 parts. The price of the official smell of the “pinnacle of motorsport?” 225 € (for 75 cl).


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