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Four Japanese carmakers will share the battery of an electric motorcycle

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki have agreed on the removable battery standard as well as the final design of the battery.

In September 2020, four giants of the Japanese motorcycle industry started to actually test batteries for electric motorcycles – the type that can be removed and replaced when the battery runs out without having to wait for charging. This program, in cooperation with the Osaka prefectural government and Osaka University, allows students and staff of the university to use electric scooters for daily commute. Battery exchange stations are located in the dormitory as well as a number of convenience stores around the area.

Removable battery type to replace the battery on Honda Benly e model. Image: Honda’s motobike

On March 26, all four carriers announced they had reached agreements on both the standards for the new battery type as well as the final design. All batteries manufactured under this agreement will be the same size and weight, and will share the same lifespan and safety features. This battery can be used and changed by all four brands.

It is important that the four firms work together to create the infrastructure system of battery swapping stations throughout Japan. This is becoming increasingly urgent, since the Japanese government announced in December 2020 that it will consider banning new cars using internal combustion engines by the mid-2030s. If that is not enough to To promote action, the Tokyo government is even more aggressive with a plan to stop selling new cars using internal combustion engines by the end of 2030, as well as traditional motorcycles through 2035.

Motorcycles electric motor is an unavoidable trend for the automobile and motorcycle industry. The four Japanese firms account for a total of about 50% of the worldwide market share. “I believe that the cooperation will benefit consumers,” said Daiki Mihara, representative of Honda.

All four firms are currently working on electric motorcycle prototypes – products that will use the new battery change system. Neither company provided more detailed information about its own brand vehicles.

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