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Foxconn established an electric car brand, about to launch a new car

TaiwanThe first electric car under the Foxtron brand will be launched on October 18.

The Taiwanese electronics company, known as Apple’s main manufacturing partner, is taking the car business very seriously when it starts plans for electric cars, even an electric bus. The company has just revealed the first images for the Hon Hai Tech Day 2021 event taking place on October 18, where Foxconn will introduce “a range of electric vehicle models”, apparently consisting of two cars and a bus.

The video shows an SUV, a sedan and an electric bus. All three carry the new Foxtron logo.

Foxconn indicated its intention to enter the auto industry last year, when it introduced a new electric vehicle architecture. However, it seemed at the time that the intention was just to provide textures to other firms, rather than starting with a new brand.

There is also information that Foxconn will cooperate with American startup Fisker on a project called Pear, expected to launch products in 2024. The Taiwanese electronics giant also reached an agreement to buy Lordstown’s factory – another American electric car company – in Ohio for $ 230 million as a production center. Foxconn is moving very fast.

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