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“Fragile”: sensitivity is a force in Emma Benestan’s romantic comedy

Upstairs, the villas of the Côte d’Azur where the series that occupy our prime time access on TV are filmed. Below, the oyster beds where breeders like Azzedine are struggling. He is madly in love with Jess who wants to become an actress. The love story is doomed to failure. It is told by Emma Benestan in her first film, Brittle, a romantic comedy that smells of the sun and the Mediterranean. But not only.

Azzedine is a sensitive and emotional young man. Dumped by his girlfriend even as he proposed to her, he collapsed despite his friends’ attempts to cheer him up. “You are fragile”, they repeat to him. Director Emma Benestan uses this remark to deride the norms of masculinity and virilist stereotypes. Az grew up surrounded by his sister, his mother and his modern and wacky grandmother. They are his confidants, just like his best friend Lila who will give him dance lessons to help him win Jess back.

The film feeds on the exchanges between Az and his friends, a bunch of broken arms a little heavy but loyal and endearing. Their expressions and their references immerse us in the atmosphere of this band of friends with quirky and good-natured humor. Their jargon also makes it possible to address the question of social origin, which is blatant when Az asks his friends not to speak like “blédards“before going to a boisterous party where he wants to impress Jess. By dint of wanting to get closer to Jess’s world to prove her worth, Az comes to deny part of her own identity and is called to order by his friends.

Emma Benestan takes care of her photography in Brittle : wide shots of great beauty on the port of Sète, and natural light on the actors – faces and bodies literally caressed by the sun.

Brittle is a light but well-written romantic comedy based on the duo formed by Yasin Houicha (Az) and Oulaya Amamra (Lila), César 2017 for the best female hope in Divine, particularly touching and credible. She also takes the time to pay tribute – without clichés – to North African cultures thanks to raï music and pastries cooked by Az.

Poster of "Brittle" by Emma Benestan, in theaters on August 25, 2021 & nbsp;  (HIGH AND SHORT / ALLOCINE)

Kind : Comedy, romance
Director : Emma Benestan
Actors : Yasin Houicha, Oulaya Amamra, Raphael Quenard
Country : France
Duration : 1h40
Exit : August 15, 2021
Distributer : High and Short

Synopsis : Az works for an oyster farmer in Sète. He knows oysters by heart, he opens them by the hundreds. In one of them, Az decides to hide a ring, to ask his girlfriend Jess to marry him. She doesn’t say yes. Fortunately, his group of friends are desperate to help him get his head out of the water.

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