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France-Wales: relive all the tests on video

Find in video the tests entered by the French and the Welsh this Saturday at the Stade de France.

5th minute: after a combination in touch, Aldritt is taken back one meter before second-line Taofifenua flattens out in force.

11th minute: after a succession of charges from the forwards in a series of pick-and-go, Dan Biggar, ideally launched, flattens in force despite Marchand’s return. The Welsh come back up to the Blues after the transformation.

13th minute: excellent reading from Brice Dulin who sees that the Welsh second curtain is badly placed, the back of the Blues therefore kicks over, received by Jalibert. The French opener then only has to serve Antoine Dupont inside for a test between the posts.

17th minute: after a poorly received dismissal, the Blues are undermined by the succession of charges from the Welsh. This streak is concluded in the in-goal by the third-row Navidi, near the posts.


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