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The Transat Jacques Vabre, the film High and loud, we hear a lot about it on franceinfo at the moment, they are channel partnerships. There are an average of 100 each year. Two partnerships which concern sailing and cinema.

Emmanuelle Daviet: In what areas are you partnering?

Estelle Cognacq: So, indeed, sailing and cinema are important partnerships for Franceinfo and elsewhere, sport, more broadly, is one of the important axes for us, both on the air, that is – that is to say that franceinfo is a channel which gives an important place to sport. We have full broadcasts of matches, we closely follow Ligue 1 and a number of sports where, for example, the preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

We are an antenna where sport is present and therefore we also support sporting events, especially sailing. We actually have the deckchair right now. We also support the challenges of Théo Curin, who is crossing Lake Titicaca, a disabled swimmer. We also have Romain Pillard who will go around the world by boat, this time upside down. So, we are partners in all these exploits. And overall, sailing, I think it unites, it’s very general public.

We also follow the Paris marathon. We are going to have the Ballon d’Or, so sport is an important theme. Beside, we have cultural partnerships, cinema, exhibitions, of course. And then there is everything related to the economy, new technologies, changes in the world of work and business. We also try to support innovations in the world of economics. These are important topics for us.

What are the objectives of these different partnerships? What does this bring to the chain?

It depends a little on the types of partnerships, but for example, on what Franceinfo is, today we work a lot around the fight against disinformation. We have a cell, the “True from the False”. We have our internal agency. Well, for example, we are partner of the exhibition “Fake News, Art, Fiction and Lies”, which is an exhibition currently taking place in Paris. It is the EDF Group Foundation. We have partnered with this exhibition because it is in our editorial line. It is one of the values ​​that we want to carry today.

We are associated with events around the fight against disinformation, around media education as well, around the development of critical thinking, since we are going to say that these are partnerships where we believe that it is the role of franceinfo, its mission also is to go into these areas, so they are often complements to our editorial line, to the way we look at information, for example. We also alternate national and regional partnerships, for example, we were a partner this summer of the Mondial de la Marseillaise, the pétanque. So, it also allows franceinfo to go to the regions on events, to meet the French and then to discuss with them.

Emmanuelle Daviet: There are a lot of partnerships dedicated to culture. It is about 50% of your partnerships which concern books, exhibitions, cinema. You were talking about the values ​​of the channel and the editorial line. Precisely for a film which is nevertheless an artistic creation, on what criteria is a film chosen for a partnership? Does it have to be in line with the editorial line of the channel? It must be the bearer, precisely, of the values ​​of franceinfo.

Estelle Cognacq: So, I would say that indeed, we will remain, we, in associations, with films that correspond to what is Franceinfo, either films related to current events, or films about changes in society. I was talking earlier about the economy, the world of work. We have in particular the environment, the environmental cause. We join forces.

You quoted High and loud. And then soon, we will be a partner of the documentary film Animal by Cyril Dion, where it is around the world of living things, ecology, the environment. So we are not going to look for films that are too far removed from what is franceinfo. We are not a program radio station, therefore we are a news and information radio station. So these are more films that accompany these moments. And I would always say that we are in touch with current events, in touch with society and its developments.

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