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From diet to shampoo choice, people should keep these things in mind to prevent hair fall

Hair fall treatment: Hair fall problem has become so common in today’s time that not only older but also children are suffering from it. Many people consider the change in the weather to be the cause of hair breakage, although many external factors are also responsible for hair fall. According to experts, unhealthy eating, not paying enough attention to hair or any disease also causes hair breakage. People should take care of some special things to overcome the problem of hair fall. Let’s know –

What are the main reasons for hair fall: Apart from the reasons mentioned above, stress is also the main reason for hair breakage. In this way, yoga, meditation, exercise, adequate sleep and a balanced diet will help to reduce stress, which reduces hair fall. Also, after recovering from a disease, the problem of hair breakage increases even after surgery or pregnancy.

What should be the diet According to experts, when there is a deficiency of some nutrients in the body, the problem of falling hair increases. In such a situation, people should include sufficient amount of protein in their diet. For this, she can consume egg albumin, milk and other milk products, chicken, pulses and sprouts. In addition, people who have low hemoglobin are advised to take iron supplements. Prefer foods rich in vitamin B12 and D3. Biotin supplements can also be taken if the problem of hair fall is more.

Indications for these diseases can be: People who get more hair fall should get their health checkup done. It is believed that there is an excess of hair breakage in people suffering from hypo thyroidism, diabetes mellitus, kidney or liver diseases. At the same time, teenagers are advised to take a PCOS test if they are getting more hair fall or pimples.

How to take care of hair: It is very important to follow hair care tips to reduce hair fall. According to experts, people should use mild shampoo which is free of fragrance and paraben. Condition the hair after shampoo. Avoid frequent hair straightener or dryer use.

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