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From India’s side, Kolkata’s Shlok Mukherjee won the title of Doodle for Google

Doodle for Google: Google organizes an online Doodle for Google contest every year with a new theme. In which students from class 1-12 from all over the world participate and create doodle artwork for Google. In which Google announces the winner on 14 November. This time the theme of the competition was ‘India in the next 25 years’. We are going to give you more information related to this time along with the winner.

Winner of 2022 Doodle Artwork

Google has replaced Art on the theme ‘India in the next 25 years’ by Shlok Mukherjee of India on November 14, today. In which science is shown working together for the betterment of humanity in the coming times. Along with this, showing the importance of yoga in the coming times, an attempt has been made to show the increasing steps of science. Apart from this, the importance of Ayurveda has also been included in the doodle.

About one lakh students from more than 100 cities of the country participated in this doodle artwork program of Google. To participate in this competition, the deadline for sending the doodles made by the students was till 9 pm on 30 September. Along with giving place to the doodles made by the students on the Doodle for Google website, information related to them has also been shared.

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Google invites applications every year

Google organizes this competition every year. To join this, students should be a student of class 1-12. For this Google invites different countries. The reason for organizing this is to bring out the creativity of the students to the world, as well as the winners win good scholarships as well as good tech packages for their school.

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