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Front crashing – a typical controversial situation in Vietnam

Backing collisions, sudden lane changing collisions, and sudden stopping collisions are situations that most drivers do not use the law to acknowledge.

First, consider the situation that is making many Vietnamese hearts sob this time. Let’s ignore the behavior of a Mercedes driver, because that is out of the case. Consider only the collision, if handled by law, this guy was wrong.

You have just finished watching the video, what is wrong with the driver of the car? The motorbike man admitted to his own fault, because the turn was too sudden, so the following car could not react. Then what’s wrong with the person sitting in the car.

If you pay close attention to the video, it can be seen that the car has almost brake effect when it is about to collide with the motorcycle, but it still slips off before. It is the “not keeping a safe distance” error. Please understand, you go to Mercedes wrong, does not mean you have the fault of the motorbike, because you are too wrong, everyone can see. Here we need to accept things from the perspective of law. Who is wrong, to be responsible there.

In the law there is only the error of not keeping a safe distance, there is no “not controlling the speed” error. Many people asked, suddenly jumped in front of others like that, how could they react. This is the crux of the matter. Keeping a distance means that you always have to be proactive and focused to be ready to avoid obstacles. Of course, wrong motorcycle will be fined, but that doesn’t mean “if the person is wrong, you are right”, in fact, both are wrong.

This situation is typical, and is no different from the case of driver Hoang going backwards on Thai Nguyen expressway, or the case of a truck crushing a car on the ring road 3, Hanoi. In the Thai Nguyen case, as you can see, the law was applied, driver Hoang was imprisoned for driving a container truck crashing into Innova, which was going backwards, killing people.

I say this does not mean trying to plunder someone’s sin, but just want to share it so that readers can remember that we always have to go out in the street with the mindset of law. All emotional speculations and arguments cannot be used to say things that belong to the law, have been studied and learned from many places, not suddenly the lawmakers come up with it. If you do not neglect to plug your face into your phone while driving, do not play music too loud, or distract yourself, then I believe situations like the above can be avoided or at least minimized.

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