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Fuels: Castex announces compensation of 100 euros for French people earning less than 2,000 euros

Prices at the pump close to records, and soaring bills. Prime Minister Jean Castex spoke this Thursday, October 21 in the evening on TF1 to announce measures intended to lighten the weight of the increase in fuel prices on the portfolio of French motorists: no reduction in taxes, no fuel check, but a simple lump sum compensation on condition of resources.

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A “Inflation-allowance of 100 euros will be paid to French people who earn less than 2,000 euros net per month”, announced the head of government, according to whom the increase in the price of gasoline was felt up to 80 euros on average on the finances of the French this year. Jean Castex specifies that he wanted with this measure to target the “Middle class”, “the French who need their car to go to work”. For the government, the slate of this measure amounts to 3.8 billion euros, nearly 38 million French people being affected – including those who do not own a car.

The sequel after the advertisement

“They will have nothing to do, it will be automatic”, added the Prime Minister. Compensation will be paid through different channels: for employees by their company, for farmers by the MSA, for the self-employed by Urssaf. What horizon? “From December for most of them”.

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Gas prices frozen in 2022

Gas prices will also be frozen throughout 2022, announced the head of government. The experts “Tell us that probably the decline” prices “Will be slower” than expected and “Therefore we have taken our responsibilities, by maintaining the price freeze throughout 2022”, said the Prime Minister.

Jean Castex had already announced on September 30 the blocking of gas prices for around 5 million subscribers (including 3 million at the regulated tariff) to cope with constant increases for months. “Gas prices compared to 2019 have been multiplied by six”, observed Jean Castex. This “Tariff shield” however, was due to expire in April 2022, based on forecasts that “The price of gas should tumble” on this horizon.

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According to the smoothing mechanism planned by the executive, from 2023, consumers will pay a little more for gas than market prices, so that the sums not paid by subscribers in 2022 are gradually recovered by the operators.

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