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Gabriel Sara, an oncologist apart, featured in the film “In his lifetime”



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“During her lifetime”, by Emmanuelle Cradle, tells the daily life of a man condemned by cancer and his doctor. A role that is not really one for Gabriel Sara, doctor at New York (United States), featured in the film.

Oncologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York (United States), Gabriel Sara is also featured in Emmanuelle’s new film Cradle, entitled In his lifetime. Guest on the set of 11 p.m. from franceinfo Thursday, November 25, he tells how, surrounded “Of such formidable actors, I felt that they were real patients, a real mother, real nurses. I felt like I was in my midst ”.

In his work, the oncologist has developed a certain philosophy. “I consider my patient as my partner, in an adventure and a journey, of which I know all the flaws and all the difficulties”, details Gabriel Sara, who goes hand in hand with those he accompanies. “For this partnership to work, there must be sincerity, complete honesty. You cannot talk to your patient about half of his diagnosis and consider him as his partner ”, he adds.

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