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Gamers of League of Legends should try this Spotify feature

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 12:10 PM (GMT + 7)

Answering questions that help shape their playing style, Spotify returns results revealing their role in each match and matching playlists.

Music app Spotify and League of Legends game operator have just launched a new digital experience in the form of a test, helping fans to explore their style of play ahead of the World Championship. League of Legends.

Answer multiple-choice questions to help League of Legends gamers know their right role in the team and the list of songs to listen to.

To experience this quiz, both free and paid users can access and answer questions that help shape the style of play that is best for each individual. Spotify then returns results revealing their roles in each match, and specially selected playlists for each individual playstyle.

Whether it’s experimenting with new strategies or mastering decisive moments with bold gameplay, League of Legends fans can explore the playing style and corresponding playlists best. They passed the newly launched test mentioned above.

This new experience is another way in which Spotify and League of Legends – the popular title of Riot Games – demonstrate a mutual commitment between the two of us to create a unique and seamless audio experience for millions of League of Legends fans around the globe.

Currently, Spotify is the world’s largest paid music streaming service provider (can be listened to for free but with ads), with a community of more than 299 million users, including 138 million premium users. via Spotify Premium in 92 countries. Spotify is also the platform that generates the highest revenue for today’s music market.

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