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Genuine Hongqi cars priced from 1.5 billion VND

Hongqi (Hong Ky) opened for sale two models, including H9 sedan priced from 1,508 billion VND and electric SUV, E-HS9 from 2,768 billion VND.

Positioned under the classic design L5 limousine, mainly for government officials, the Hongqi H9 is the most modern luxury sedan in its product range. H9 sold in Vietnam imported from China with 5 versions to choose from, three versions of 2.0 turbocharged engine with mild-hybrid electric system and two versions of supercharged 3-liter engine.

Hongqi H9 is 5,137 mm long, 1,904 mm wide and 1,493 mm high, with a wheelbase of 3,060 mm. These parameters are larger than E-size sedans like BMW Series 5, Mercedes E-class but smaller than F-size like Series 7, S-class.

Hongqi H9 model in the launch event in Vietnam, January 19 in Hai Phong.

In 2018, former Rolls-Royce design director Giles Taylor joined Hongqi’s parent company FAW. Since then, Hongqi’s models have brought luxury and are aimed at a more affluent group of customers. The front end of the car exudes the most imprint of the British super luxury brand when the high, long bonnet combines with the wide steering wheel with vertical metal bars. The rear of the car is square with a horizontal LED strip.

H9 is equipped with smart LED headlights that automatically adjust the light area. The two most advanced versions have an air suspension system, intake doors, and a rearview mirror that remembers the position according to the driver’s seat. 18-20 inch optional wheels. All versions of Hongqi H9 are equipped with a panoramic sunroof, hidden door handles. Particularly, soundproof laminated glass doors are not available on the standard 2.0 version.

The interior of Hongqi’s sedan is technology-oriented with large touch screens. Multi-function leather-wrapped steering wheel, 4-zone climate control, air purification system, 12-speaker Bose surround sound, wireless charging. Except for the standard version, the H9 interior is mostly cowhide, 14-way power driver’s seat, 253-color decorative surround lights. The high-end versions have heating and massage systems on the seats.

The 2-liter turbocharged engine on the H9 produces 252 hp and 382 Nm of torque. Choose the H9’s 3-liter supercharged V6 engine for 283 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. All versions come with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, rear-wheel drive.

Pure electric SUV model E-HS9.

Pure electric SUV model E-HS9.

Hongqi’s second model sold in Vietnam is an all-electric SUV, the E-HS9. The length, width and height of the car are 5,209 mm, 2,010 mm and 1,731 mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 3,110 mm. This parameter of Hongqi E-HS9 is equivalent to large SUV models of BMW, Mercedes such as X7, GLS.

The E-HS9 is like the high chassis of the H9 sedan with a similar overall shape. The three highest versions of the E-HS9 are equipped with adaptive LED headlights, intake doors, air suspension (except for the Deluxe version), panoramic sunroof. The interior has extended screens, overflowing the dashboard. The car offers the option of 3 rows of seats or 2 rows (business rear seats) with many amenities.

Hongqi’s electric SUV is equipped with two electric motors on two bridges, with a total capacity of 550 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque. The battery is a 99 kWh lithium-ion battery. Under ideal conditions, the car operates 510 km after each full charge. The company has not announced how long it will take to fully charge, but in Vietnam, there are only 220V or 380V residential chargers plugged into the charger. With a 99 kWh battery, it takes half a day to fully charge.

Both the H9 and E-HS9 offer a long line of safety equipment. High-end versions have collision warning system, lane departure warning, lane keeping / lane change assist, speed sign detection, 360-degree camera… Both cars are sold with a 5-year warranty or 150,000 km. The battery pack on the E-HS9 alone has a warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km.

Car model Price (billion VND)
H9 2.0 Elegance 1,508
H9 2.0 Luxury 1.668
H9 2.0 Premium 1,888
H9 3.0 Premium 2.468
H9 3.0 Flagship 2,688
E-HS9 Executive (7 seats) 2,768
E-HS9 Deluxe (7 seats) 2,968
E-HS9 Premium (6 seats) 3.339
E-HS9 Flagship (4 seats) 3,688

Design, “option”, safe technology like luxury cars, but the company’s pricing does not show the luxury position in Vietnam. H9 is bigger than Series 5 (priced at 2,499-3,289 billion VND), E-class (2.05-2.95 billion VND), safety technology, comfort equal to, even superior, but the price is lower. a lot of. Similar is the E-HS9 with luxury gasoline models such as X7, GLS.

Hongqi or Chinese models to Vietnam in the past time have brought a modern appearance, comfort and technology that is much more attractive than the price, compared to competitors in the same segment. The car manufacturers of the neighboring country are all new brands in Vietnam, the quality has not been verified much over time, the dealer network is still small. Chinese cars therefore need to step through these barriers to develop in the Vietnamese market, where the capacity is still small and many strong brands compete. People’s decision to buy a car is very careful because the value of the car is still an important factor. large assets compared to the common income.

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