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Germany is also preparing to toughen its measures against the second wave, Merkel wants a “lockdown light”

Germany is in turn preparing to tighten its measures to combat the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, several politicians pleading this Tuesday, October 27 for a turn of the screw, on the eve of a crisis meeting.

“We must now make decisions quickly and decisively in order to break this second wave of infection”, said Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an interview with the German agency DPA.

Discussions between Angela Merkel’s government and regional leaders have been brought forward to Wednesday, instead of originally Friday. A national reconfinement announced Wednesday? Macron will speak

A “lockdown light”

According to the media, the Chancellor advocates a “Lockdown light” with closure of restaurants and bars, as well as a ban on public gatherings. Schools and nurseries would remain open.

Olaf Scholz calls for action “Targeted”, “Limited in time”, and especially as far as possible taken in tune by the 16 German regions, which – federalism obliges – are competent in health matters and can decide their own restrictions without the government having a say.

Among France’s neighbors, the idea of ​​reconfinement is gaining ground

Two weeks ago, Angela Merkel and the regional barons had decided to limit the number of participants in private meetings, considered as centers of spread, from a certain threshold of new infections.

But they had failed to agree on a common national line. Some less affected Länder, for example, had de facto decided to ban the stay of their compatriots coming from “Red areas”.

The Chancellor, a rare thing, had publicly declared “Dissatisfied”.

All affected regions

Since then, new Covid-19 infections have rapidly climbed above 10,000 in the country, with a record high of 14,714 being reached on Saturday. The virus is now gradually spreading to all regions.

“We will probably have 20,000 new infections by the end of this week”, warned Conservative Economy Minister Peter Altmaier.

In Italy, protesters show their anger at new health measures

We need “Homogeneous rules and the courage as in spring to make uncomfortable decisions”, said the head of government of Saarland Tobias Hans.

The popular Bavarian Markus Söder, champion of very restrictive measures against the virus, pleaded for him “Act immediately and correctly rather than late and without conviction”.

But the leader of Thuringia, in the former GDR, Bodo Ramelow (Radical Left) has already ruled out approving any national confinement on Wednesday.

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