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Giant truck crushed a car, three people escaped death

KazakhstanThe wheels of a BelAZ truck turned to the right at the same time the people in the car screamed loudly, May 30 at a mine in Karaganda.

Standing in front of a car carrying three people was a truck carrying ore at a mine in Karaganda province. Suddenly the truck’s wheels swerved to the right and the truck sped toward the car, shouting to stop, but to no avail. Right after that, the windshield of the car was cracked with a loud noise.

Two of the three people in the car jumped out. One person did not escape in time but fortunately was not injured. The car was deformed and severely damaged. These three went to the mine to fix the air conditioner.

It seems that the car has fallen into the blind spot of the truck because of the large size of this vehicle. BelAZ trucks are specialized for use in mines, such as coal mines in Quang Ninh also used. The car is up to 6.4 m high, equivalent to a two-story house. While a tall adult is also much shorter when standing next to the wheel.

A BelAZ in Quang Ninh.  Photo: Luong Dung >> See detailed photos and activity videos video” data-natural-h=”900″ data-natural-width=”1500″ src=””/></div><figcaption>
<p class=A BelAZ in Quang Ninh. Photo: Luong Dung >> See detailed set of photos and video in action

America – England (according to the Qazaqstan)


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