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Girls who died near Brest: the mother admits being the cause of the deaths

The mother of two girls found lifeless on Wednesday at their home in Relecq-Kerhuon (Finistère) “Acknowledged being at the origin” of their death, the Brest prosecutor’s office announced on Friday, specifying that they were “Dead by drowning”.

Aged 35, the mother, still hospitalized, “Also explained to have tried to put them to sleep with drugs”, specifies in a press release the public prosecutor of Brest Camille Miansoni.

He added that on the other hand, she had not been able to give precise indications on how she had managed to kill her daughters, citing “Total amnesia on this episode”.

Death by drowning

The autopsy of the bodies of the two girls, “Almost 6 years and 4 years”, “Found a death by drowning”, further indicates Camille Miansoni. “No injuries or traces of external violence were discovered on the bodies”, adds the magistrate.

“The reason for this action is the separation announced by her husband”, continues Camille Miansoni, specifying that the mother had explained that she wanted to disappear with her daughters.

“The mother of the young victims is still hospitalized. However, his state of health allowed his first hearing today under police custody ”, specifies Camille Miansoni. Police custody was however lifted after a few hours for medical reasons, he said.

Examinations carried out on the mother revealed “A chest wound of 1.5 cm”, as well as “Lesions compatible with the ingestion of caustic products”, according to Camille Miansoni. Investigators found in the bathroom of the family home “A bottle of caustic product 3/4 empty”, he specifies.

A separation

Two letters were also discovered on the spot, one for the attention of the father of the girls, the other for the attention of the mother’s family. The two report a separation announced by the husband to his wife on May 14. Heard, the father confirmed the announcement of this separation.

The two girls were found lifeless Wednesday morning, lying on a bed. The firefighters had been called by the paternal grandmother worried that no one would answer the door of this small building in this town near Brest.

The mother, “In a daze”, according to Camille Miansoni, had collapsed in front of them just after leading them into the room where her daughters were.

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