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Global crackdown against the “dark web”: 150 people arrested

Some 150 people who bought or sold drugs or weapons on the “dark web” have been arrested around the world in one of the biggest raids to date concerning the underground version of the Internet, announced. Tuesday 26 October Europol. According to the European police agency, several million euros in cash and bitcoins as well as drugs and weapons were also seized in this operation entitled “DarkHunTOR”.

DarkHunTOR “Consisted of a series of separate but complementary actions in Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States”, Europol said.

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The operation followed the dismantling in January under the leadership of the German police of the platform “DarkMarket”, presented by the investigators as the ” wider “ cyber black market point of sale.

“Significant targets”

In the United States, some 65 people were arrested in this operation which also resulted in, among other things, 47 arrests in Germany, 24 in the United Kingdom, four in Italy and four in the Netherlands. Several of those arrested “Were important targets” for Europol. The police also seized 26.7 million euros in cash and electronic currencies as well as drugs, including 25,000 ecstasy tablets, and 45 firearms.

Police in Italy have also closed illegal marketplaces named “DeepSea” and “Berlusconi” who presented to them two “More than 100,000 advertisements of illegal products”, according to Europol, whose operation was coordinated with Eurojust, the European agency for judicial cooperation.

The arrest in January of the alleged operator of “DarkMarket”, a 34-year-old Australian arrested at the German-Danish border, “Provided investigators around the world with a treasure trove of evidence”, according to Europol. The dismantling of “DarkMarket”, which sold drugs of all kinds such as counterfeit money, stolen or falsified credit card data, anonymous SIM cards and computer viruses, was linked to a pick-up dating back to September 2019 in Germany against a major host of illegal darknet services dubbed “Cyberbunker”, had specified at the time the prosecution. Europol’s European Cybercrime Center (EC3) has since accumulated information to identify key targets, the agency said.


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