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Glow grille – new trend in cars

The front-end design helps cool the engine, which is one of the trademarks of the brand, but is not recognizable in the dark.

For more than a century, automakers have used grille designs to help identify their vehicles from competitors. That’s also why it’s possible to recognize a BMW or Rolls-Royce from a distance.

But this can’t be done when it’s dark, so over the years, automakers have taken advantage of advanced technology to create different headlights and daytime lights for easier identification. Like BMW 20 years ago, there were dual-eye headlights featured on the 5 series.

Light then emerges from the logos, or part of the grille where the two headlights are connected. Now, automakers continue to increase brand awareness with the glowing grille – a style that is increasingly spreading throughout the industry, especially with electric models.


BMW 5 series with luminous grille. Image: BMW

BMW’s kidney-shaped grille can be seen on either the standard trim or the high-performance M Performance range. The LED will light when unlocking, and will turn off after locking the vehicle. For models not equipped as standard, like the X7, users can add it for about $ 2,200.


Mercedes’ new electric sedan, the EQS, comes standard with a glowing three-pointed star logo. But customers can choose from a 3D matrix grille with a series of three-pointed stars that glow on a black background.


Enyaq iV electric car model with Matrix LED style grille.  Photo: Skoda

Enyaq iV electric car model with Matrix LED style grille. Image: Skoda

The Czech car brand joins the trend with the luminous grille on the new Enyaq iV electric vehicle and standard equipment on the RS and limited edition Rounders. The entire grille has 130 LEDs and is arranged in the shape of a series of vertical spokes and an extended horizontal strip.


The word Hummer is clearly visible on the LED strip.  Photo: GMC

The word “Hummer” is clearly visible on the LED strip. Image: GMC

The electric Hummer – both SUV and pickup – has the same grille design, which is an LED strip that extends all the way to the front of the car, and the word “Hummer” in the middle.


Photo: Jeep

Image: Jeep

Both Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are equipped with a glowing grille by Jeep, with a glowing car name above it. Particularly, the grille is divided into 7 cells with vertical spokes shaped to be slimmer, more modern than the original design on the Grand Cherokee model.


Photo: Rolls-Royce

Image: Rolls-Royce

The super-luxury brand’s Ghost model has one of the most recognizable grille styles in the world. Customers can also choose a package of luminous equipment to make the appearance even more impressive when it is dark.


Photo: Cadillac

Image: Cadillac

On the new electric SUV, General Motors’ luxury brand brings lighting technology with a large grille. The Cadillac logo will light up with the surrounding lights, looking like a smiling face to greet the opposite person.


Photo: Opel

Image: Opel

The Manta GSe Elektromod electric coupe is the product where the German automaker shows off new technology. The grille called Pixel-Vizor can be used as a display of vivid images with the introduction of the car itself “My German Heart has been electrified”.

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