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GM asks dealers to stop selling cars for no reason

AmericaGeneral Motors asked dealers to stop selling the Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD 2021 heavy-duty pickups, but did not say why.

New vehicle supply has been suppressed recently, and the trend will continue for the foreseeable future. High demand coupled with a lack of spare parts and accessories is causing dealers to fall into short supply. But the irony is that some General Motors (GM) dealers are unable to sell what’s left because the US automaker has asked to stop selling heavy-duty pickups, according to the report. GM Authority.

Chevrolet Silverado 2021 – a popular pickup model – one of two products GM asked dealers to stop selling. Photo: Chevrolet

Dan Flores, GM’s senior communications manager confirmed the news, saying the company was looking into a “quality issue”. However, Flores did not elaborate on the issue in question.

A GMC salesperson said the cause was wire wear and could lead to a fire hazard. The request to stop sale is only for some 2021 Silverado and Sierra HD models, production of the 2022 model will continue. However, the sale of two popular pickup models, which were affected by the shortage of spare parts, had a real impact on the American automaker.

News of the discontinuation comes shortly after GM announced it would replace the battery module in all Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles after it discovered a fault that could cause a fire. In early September, GM had to stop production at nearly every plant in the US due to a shortage of chips – a situation affecting the global auto industry.

GM did not say how long the request to stop selling would last. Silverado and Sierra HD are two of the company’s most profitable products.

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