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Golden experience to take quality photos with iPhone 12

Friday, June 4, 2021 15:00 PM (GMT+7)

Here are suggestions to help users take great photos using only the dual rear camera system on iPhone 12.

Super-fast 5G speeds, powerful performance, and great cameras make the iPhone 12 one of the best-reviewed phones on CNET. More affordable of the four iPhone 12 models that Apple launched last year, despite missing some of the standout camera features of the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models – telephoto lens and lidar sensor, but The iPhone 12 is still capable of taking great photos.

iPhone 12.

If you have just got your hands on the iPhone 12, the latest is the new Purple iPhone 12, here are small suggestions for users to take beautiful photos.

Layout design

The iPhone 12 can take vivid, well-exposed photos without much need to customize the settings. But most other flagships have this capability. Then, the biggest factor that distinguishes your image from others is the composition of the scene. So take a moment to think about the arrangement of all the different elements, visualizing how they would look in the finished shot.

Golden experience for taking photos "quality"  by iPhone 12 - 3


Supposedly, when hiking up the hills and finding a beautiful view, many people will just point their phones in that direction and snap a quick shot. But take a moment to look at the scene and think about how to make this angle more “unique”.

Users can add a foreground (e.g. a block of rock, a cluster of flowers, or an old tree stump) to help tie the scene together, and using paths (a road or a wall) can help draw attention to each other. the viewer’s eye deeper. The rule of taking photos of 1/3 is also a suggestion, which is set by default on the camera to help users arrange the elements more appropriately.

When to take wide-angle photos?

iPhone 12 has a standard shooting mode and an ultra-wide angle shooting mode built into the camera, so users should flexibly use these two modes. Switching to panorama mode can transform the image, but it works best when the scene has a wide angle.

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If the subject in the photo – such as a church on the hillside and is far away, the wide angle lens will make the church even further away and get lost in the frame. Instead, get closer to the church and turn on the wide-angle mode, so the church remains the dominant subject in the image.

Exposure control

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Although the iPhone 12 usually has the ability to choose the right exposure for a scene, users also need to apply it flexibly. Complicated scenes with lights and shadows will confuse the camera.

For example, when taking a portrait of a person in a glorious sunset, the user can try touching their subject, telling the camera that it is the part that needs to be properly exposed. At the same time, users can also drag the small slider that appears on the side of the box that pops up when touched. This will allow to lighten or darken the scene if needed.

Raw photography

If you want more control over your exposure, shoot in RAW and make manual adjustments to the setting – Setting. Users will need a third-party app to do this, such as Moment or Firstlight, as the default iOS camera app doesn’t offer these features.

Manual control of settings such as shutter speed, ISO speed, and white balance is useful in situations when the camera may be confused by an unsatisfactory scene and shot.

For example, a scene taken at sunset will cause the camera to overcompensate and cast shadows, so customize the elements through the settings. RAW images also permanently save image data for white balance and sharpening, giving users more control when editing images later.

Edit image

This is an important and time consuming step. However, the Edit option in Apple’s Photos app also allows you to apply cool filters, control highlights or increase shadows in just a few seconds, and can help photos stand out.

Golden experience for taking photos "quality"  by iPhone 12 - 6

iPhone 12 has dual rear cameras but is still capable of taking “quality” photos.

But if you want a better photo, there are tons of editing apps in the App Store that can transform photos. Applications that users can refer to are Adobe Lightroom, Prisma, PicsArt and Photoshop Camera,…

Of course, using natural photos or editing, post-processing is completely up to your own preferences. The above suggestions are for reference only.

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