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‘Good drivers need not only awareness, but also skills’

First-time car owners form good habits, they will understand the risk of getting too excited after every throttle.

Safe driving depends on the driver’s consciousness, it is a subjective factor and is also regulated by the law and traffic infrastructure of a country. However, only having a good sense without focusing on forging driving skills, using cars, without cultivating knowledge and understanding about cars, it is also difficult to drive safely. When driving, always controlling the speed is the most important thing to ensure safety.

In the future when many people use electric cars (EV / BEV), mastering the accelerator pedal is even more important. Good technique, the driver will always control the speed in all situations. Ask a professional driver, or observe the accelerator pedal of an old driver, we will see that their use of the accelerator is skillful and more important than other things. They will advise you to first be very attentive, try to make the accelerator light, flexible, increase and decrease the throttle slowly, before training to the situation to be flexible, how to increase the throttle appropriately to overcome something. .

The driver of a large, heavy vehicle rarely rushes to an intersection and then brakes (brake) to wait for a red light. They often align signal lights and traffic situations from afar so that when the car reaches the intersection, they have just met the green light. This lesson has been taught by driver training centers over and over again, but if the driver is not attentive and does not practice regularly, it is still easy to forget, especially for young people who like speed.

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