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Google Maps launches translocation system in these 10 languages, now address search will be easy

India is the second largest country in the world to use the Internet and that is why the needs of users are taken care of here. If you also use Google Map during the journey then there is good news for you. Automatic translocation system has been started in 10 Indian languages ​​in Google Maps. You will now be able to search for addresses in your language. Earlier, Google’s app had English language, due to which many users had difficulty in searching the address.

Will be able to search in these 10 languages
Google revealed through a blog that it has started transliteration system in 10 new Indian languages ​​in its map, these include Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Bangla, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu languages. Google says that this will help a lot of people who do not know much English.

What is transliteration
The thing to note here is that there is a difference between transliteration and translation. In translation the word of one language is changed to another language, but in transliteration the script of the word is changed. For example, in English the word ‘Green Park’ will be translated into Hindi as ‘Hara Bagh’ but transliteration of the word will be ‘Green Park’.

It will be easy to search the English name
Google says that the names of many places in India are on the English word, but they are written in the local script itself. The word ACRIM is written by shortening the big name. For example, the Central Board of Education in short is called CBSE (CBSE). Here Google explained by giving an example, “Acrimonium NIT is written as NIT in Hindi, because it is read as ‘NIT’ rather than ‘NIT’ as in English. So by gathering the information that the word NIT can run in a general form Is an acrylic, Google Maps will be able to translate this word correctly. “

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