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Gourd juice is helpful in removing stains and dark spots, know how to use

Skin Care Tips: Having a glow on the face not only enhances beauty, but also brings out the personality. It is necessary for people to take care of their skin in order to get a bright and glowing face. However, sometimes the use of items brought from the market can also make the face lifeless. In such a situation, many home remedies prove more effective than skin care products found in the market.

Skin experts believe that the spots on the face become more visible in the summer, due to this, sun tan may sometimes cause pimples. In such a situation, to get rid of them, some kitchen items are also beneficial. The gourd found in this season is also beneficial for the skin. Let’s know how –

To get rid of pimples and blemishes: One of the major causes of pimples is the dirt and oil present on the face. Gourd juice is helpful in removing dust particles from the face. Also, it is helpful in removing the oil on the skin. In this case, you can drink gourd juice or apply it on the face. This does not prevent oil secret through skin pores. In such a situation, there will be no pimples or stains.

Marks of aging will be removed: Gourd is considered to be rich in nutrients, it contains vitamin-C and zinc. When these nutrients reach the body, its effect starts appearing on the skin as well. These reduce the aging marks seen on the face over time. This makes the face look younger. You can boil it well and eat it as a vegetable or even drink juice. Also, you can apply it on the face or neck.

Will improve on your face: Gourd is believed to contain plenty of vitamins and anti-oxidants. These provide the body with the strength to fight free radicals. It is also helpful in improving digestion, whose overall effect is helpful in improving the skin.

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