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‘Granting a driving license should be undertaken by the Ministry of Public Security’

The Ministry of Public Security is responsible for ensuring traffic safety, so it is reasonable for them to issue a driver’s license to control the safety of inputs.

The Minister of Transport (Transport) Nguyen Van The agrees that the Ministry of Public Security will organize the test and issue a driving license (GPLX) for road motor vehicles and civilians. However, some experts and National Assembly deputies have suggested that the issuance of civil license should not be transferred from the Ministry of Transport to the Ministry of Public Security. Even there is an opinion based on the Resolution of the Central Committee of the Party, No. 17 dated August 1, 2007, saying: “If transferring the issuance of a civil license, from the Ministry of Transport to the Ministry of Public Security, it is not. have a legal basis, is contrary to Resolution 17 “.

However, we are not dogmatic and need to study carefully the Directive Resolution 17 to accelerate the administrative reform, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of the State apparatus. Whatever civilian tasks can do, they will be assigned to the Ministry not under the Ministry of Public Security and National Defense, so that they can focus on the task of building the Army, the Revolutionary Public Security, regular and elite, step by step modernization.

The necessity of the Ministry of Public Security to issue a civil license, a new reasonableness and logic with their (above) duties. Reasonable and logical that the Ministry of Public Security organizes civil law-licensing examinations, which can be easily understood as they are assigned the task of revenue from a theater, then of course they will have to issue and sell tickets. into that theater. Rather than dogmatic, arbitrary: “The Ministry of Public Security issues a civil license, which has no legal basis, is contrary to Resolution 17 …”, as stated in the first paragraph. On the other hand, if road traffic accidents happen, too many people die, the police will not be able to complete the task well and comprehensively. But if so, how can they be formal, elite or modern?

As for the matter, if the Ministry of Public Security issues a civil license, it will “kick the ball and blow the whistle, because they already have a patrol force to control traffic on the road …”, this is new acknowledgment ” Elephant feet socks, thought the temple “. Because of the above-mentioned force, just a necessary condition. The granting of a new civil license is a sufficient condition to contribute to the reduction of road traffic accidents and the current death.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Security has a police agency (specializing in inspection and handling related to the police), in order not to rule out the case of “kicking the ball and blowing the whistle”, but preventing and eliminating. There are 600 management officials, 1,700 public employees of the license-level test under the Ministry, the transport sector; The Minister of Transport had to consider arranging a new job for them-before approving the policy of transferring the licensing of license to the Ministry of Public Security. So we, “the people of the earth”, do not have to worry about “the people of the tree”.

Particularly with more than 300 current civilian driver training institutions, I think that (more than 300) driver training institutions are operating normally. To be granted a certificate for students who have completed the driving training program, for each course (training).

Licensing (legal status) for these facilities, or schools, or civilian driver training centers, remains under MOT. And if passed by the National Assembly-amendment 61, clause 10 of the current Road Traffic Law-transfer the issuance of the license (above), the Ministry of Public Security will not “embrace the belly”. both the infrastructure of the driving test centers, invested by the Ministry, the Transport Industry.

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