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Graphics folks must keep Vectornator 4.0 up to date for iPad and Mac

Thursday, April 1, 2021 06:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Vectornator 4.0 for iPhone, iPad and Mac has added new features and improvements!

Video demonstration vectornator 4.0 on iPad.

Vectornator is an all-in-one illustration, UI and publications app. This app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Recently, Linearity has released the next major update to Vectornator version 4.0, bringing a number of new changes and features.

Quick Actions – Quick action

Graphics folks must update Vectornator 4.0 for iPad and Mac - 3

One of the keys to improving Vectornator efficiency in version 4.0 is through the new quick action feature. These smart context menus will appear directly below the objects the user has selected. This allows users to easily access core actions like changing opacity, boolean operations, … without having to open an inspector.

Redesigned Vectornator 4.0 Mac UX

Graphics folks should definitely update Vectornator 4.0 for iPad and Mac - 4

The latest version of MacOS, Big Sur brings many changes to the user interface. Linearity is updating the Vectornator Mac version to match Big Sur’s overall look. The new interface is now very attractive and modern. Plus, many interface elements have been updated for a great sense of depth and immersion.

Symbol SF

Graphics people must update Vectornator 4.0 for iPad and Mac - 5

An interesting addition to Vectornator with version 4.0 is SF Symbols, which includes a set of over 2,400 symbols designed to work perfectly with Apple’s San Francisco system font. This feature will be the perfect choice for design ideas for a Mac or iOS software.

Other features

Graphics people must update Vectornator 4.0 for iPad and Mac - 5

Iconator is a library with more than 80,000 different icons for users to choose from. Vectornator allows users to access it all from within the application. And each icon can be manipulated in the editor. Vectornator also features Unsplash integration, importing high-quality photos directly from Unsplash’s huge image library.


With all the new features introduced in version 4.0, Vectornator easily becomes one of the best design apps in the Apple ecosystem. And due to having a unified code base, all of the new features are accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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