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Graveyard where many planets were torn to reveal the unexpected

Monday, 11/29/2021 09:05 AM (GMT+7)

Unseen, hard to imagine things have revealed themselves in a vast cosmic “graveyard” with 23 white dwarf stars and countless rubbles that are torn planetary fragments.

White dwarfs are the corpses of depleted stars, so the massive debris heap around them is the remnants of torn-up exoplanets. Research just published in Nature Astronomy shows that the ill-fated planets were built with far more abundant materials than previously understood.

The new cosmic graveyard has given scientists a different perspective on extrasolar planets – Photo: NOIRLab

While scientists have entered this cosmic graveyard in search of traces of an Earth-like world, they have found minerals never before seen on Earth, in the solar system and nearby star systems. . Some of the dead worlds are rocky planets like Earth, but created in completely different ways and with unimaginable materials.

According to astronomer Slyi Xu from the National Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory (NOIRLab) in Arizona (USA), the alien rock samples have just been found completely uncontrollable in the solar system.

According to Live Science, by calculating the proportions of elements such as magnesium, calcium, silicon, iron … in the white dwarf’s atmosphere, at least 25% of the material is from planets that have been torn apart by it. , scientists have reconstructed the dead rocky planets.

The results show that there are a lot of “Earth clones” out there, but made up completely different and if they have life, it could very well be a completely different world from Earth. Continents can be made differently, from very different things, and create very different life forms, nurturing them in ways that are hard for Earthlings to imagine.

The findings are said to be very important to the hunt for extraterrestrial life because we have always been inclined to look for copies of the Earth.


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