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Green recovery plan, tax reform… Joe Biden’s program, a new “New Deal”

All these measures will not pass, there will be obstacles, compromises to negotiate. But, on paper, the program of Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate in the United States on November 3, is extremely ambitious. The comparison to Roosevelt’s New Deal is no exaggeration.

  • A plan against the pandemic

Emergency plan, with a watchword: listen to the advice of experts. The first step is to coordinate the response at the federal level and build a makeshift bridge to bridge the gap. In detail, the new administration would immediately release funds for a coherent national policy on testing and tracing, and emergency measures are expected for health coverage of those infected.

On the economic front, if this has not been done after the election, Joe Biden will allocate aid to states whose finances have been devastated by the virus, and to households, with a new check to taxpayers (of a m

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