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Guadeloupe: new night of tensions, 37 arrests

The night from Saturday to Sunday remained agitated in Guadeloupe, which has been facing a large-scale social movement for a week, between fires and looting which resulted in 37 arrests during the night.

“Our area was marked by looting of shops, especially in the town of Lamentin where a small shopping center was attacked with a backhoe loader”, AFP learned from the command of the gendarmerie of Guadeloupe.

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Government spokesman Gabriel Attal denounced a situation on Sunday morning “Intolerable and unacceptable” in Guadeloupe, where the challenge to the compulsory vaccination of caregivers degenerates into blockages and violence. According to Gabriel Attal, the reinforcements of police and gendarmes sent from mainland France, in particular units of the GIGN and the Raid, must arrive on Sunday in the island.

The government sends the Raid and the GIGN to Guadeloupe after another night of violence

In several towns on the island, food stores were looted, as well as pharmacies. “Each time, a barricade placed upstream prevented us from moving forward”, according to the gendarmes who also testify to suspicion of “False calls to lure us elsewhere, just like the firefighters”. In the town of Morne-à-l’Eau, a police station was set on fire.

More than 150 tear gas canisters thrown

“The Côte-sous-le-vent was a particularly active point”, according to the command of the gendarmerie of Guadeloupe, which reports roadblocks of all sizes in this area of ​​the island, rather calm in general.

“37 people were arrested and taken into police custody”, according to a police source, “Most of them in the act of looting” shops or restaurants. A staff of about 200 people were distributed in the central area of ​​the island, to face the burning dams ” many “ all night long, but also ambushes.

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Violence in Guadeloupe: the state imposes a curfew

“There were shots aimed at the intervention forces, in particular during the attempted attack by the municipal police of Gosier”. In total, more than 150 tear gas and de-encircling grenades were thrown by the police.

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Guadeloupe, plagued by roadblocks and riots for several days, is under a curfew that runs until Tuesday morning, from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sunday morning, roadblocks were still listed at several points on the island.

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