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Guardiola on the attacking trio of PSG: “I do not know how to stop them”

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola was full of praise for the Messi-Mbappé-Neymar trio that PSG could line up this Tuesday in the Champions League.

On Messi and his departure from Barça: “It was a surprise to everyone I guess, but what happened happened. A few years ago you couldn’t imagine it Now everyone accepts it. There are always unforeseen events in football, in life. The important thing is that he is happy in Paris. ”

On Messi at PSG: “I think this type of player speaks for himself on the pitch. I have nothing to add. We were lucky to see him for 15 years. Messi speaks for himself. What he has done in his career is more than exceptional, and I hope he can play tomorrow for the beauty of the game. “

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What to do to stop the Mbappé-Messi trio, Neymar: “I do not know. I don’t know what to do to stop them (laughs). Honestly, they are so good. You have to defend well when you don’t have the ball and make them run when you have it. They are exceptional players, everyone knows that. ”

On Ilkay Gundögan: “He won’t be back before the international break.”

You must be prepared to suffer 90 minutes.

Pep Guardiola before facing Paris Saint-Germain.

An ascendant after the semi-final last season: “It’s a new season, a new challenge. I don’t care if I won or lost 3 matches in a row. Football is all about ups and downs, everything changes so quickly. They (the Parisians) were better in 1D period in Paris. We defended better here, with resilience, and we punished them on the counterattack. They are a fantastic team. ”

The quality of PSG: “I’m a fan of Marquinhos, Hakimi and all their circles, Paredes, Danilo, Verratti especially, and the 3 in front can do what they want. Messi can play on the right or in the axis, Mbappé on one side or in the axis. They combine so well, the talent cannot be stopped. We have to do it as a team. Individually, we cannot stop them. We have to be compact, to be together, to help each other, to know that we are going to suffer and how we are going to go through this pain. They are so good. You have to be ready to suffer 90 minutes. ”

The quality of the Mancunian defense this season: “And last season. And the one before. We always defend well not because we have good defenders, but because everyone is involved. Defending depends on the will, to help each other, to run. But football is not just defending, it’s what we do with the ball. The most important thing is how many chances we concede in the game. In general, this is quite good. But we can do better. “

Remarks gathered during a press video conference


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